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Krishna Consultants Service is a leading immigration consulting firm based services clients all over the country.Visas/immigration for corporate and individual clients and their families.

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Best Consulting

Visa and Immigration Consultant is responsible for helping individuals who are internationally relocating.

Marketing growth

Growth marketing is all about one thing attracting more engaged customers.

On time services

On time services are operating systems and systems that respond to input immediately.

Our Services

krishna consultancy service

Student Visa

Students aspiring to study in foreign destinations to expand their career horizons need a student visa to pursue their dreams.

krishna consultancy service

Visitor Visa

A visitor visa can have a variety of purposes that can range from getting medical treatment, for short term business purposes or even for leisure.

krishna consultancy service

Business Visa

The work purposes could be something like consultations, conducting pertinent business meetings, contractual negotiations, attending conferences.

krishna consultancy service

Immigration Visa

There are a number of processes one needs to conduct and lengthy documentation that is required when one is applying for the variety of visas available.

krishna consultancy service

Investors Visa

Investors visas are particularly geared towards attracting skilled migrants who can set up profitable businesses in host countries.

krishna consultancy service

Finance Visa

Finance Visa works with one goal in mind making sure that Visa is the best way to pay and be paid, for everyone everywhere.